If you've followed AY Makun's success as a business man cum filmmaker, you might find it surprising that he has a new movie coming out this June, that you haven't heard about.

Unlike his past movies "30 Days in Atlanta" and "A Trip to Jamaica," this new movie "10 Days in Sun City" is getting little or no marketing attention.

Adesua Etomi and Richard Mofe Damijo in

Adesua Etomi and Richard Mofe Damijo in "10 Days in Sun City"

The little promotion that it's getting is hilariously out of touch; some tacky billboards on the streets of Lagos State.

In January 2017, Makun announced that he was working on a new movie. On May 8, 2017, a teaser for the movie was 'quietly' released on Filmone's YouTube channel. It was like they didn't want people to see it. No buzz. No noise.

AY Makun made his debut as a filmmaker in 2014 with the star-studded "30 Days in Atlanta," which grossed 137 million naira, becoming the third highest grossing Nollywood movie ever.

His second outing was in 2016 with "A Trip to Jamaica," which grossed 178 million naira.



Despite the negative criticism that has trailed Makun's movies, he always utilizes every offline and online marketing medium to break box office records.

So, it's a huge surprise that nobody is talking about "10 Days in Sun City," a movie that boosts of acts like Mercy Johnson, RMD, Adesua Etomi,  2Baba Idibia and Fathia Balogun.

Makun has been strangely reserved about the marketing of what can be described as one of the most star-studded movies of 2017.

Before the release of "A Trip to Jamaica," you couldn't escape the effect of its heavy publicity. Offline and online, they were everywhere, reminding you of their existence.


If you take a look at most successful films, you'll notice that marketing got heated at least a month before its theatrical release. "The Wedding Party 2" is set for December release,  but the producers and actors already have things heated seven months earlier.

Maybe Makun isn't selling the movies to his fans because he doesn't think it's a good film. Nah... He has been serving us badly cooked movie, and these movies have been making money. So, that's not enough reason for AY Makun to miss out on the chance to rake in the numbers and remind us all of how box office success equals a great movie.

Maybe "10 Days in Sun City" is an experiment. AY Makun is probably trying to determine his box office strength. To find out if his movie can do well just based on the strength of its cast.

In defence of AY Makun, when filmmakers release too much information, moviegoers suddenly feel like they have seen it all. Maybe AY Makun is just holding back, to avoid spoilers and create anticipation. Maybe he is waiting till the last week to make us sick with promos.

Whichever the case, he is AY Makun, a filmmaker that utilizes his business skills to make money for the Nigerian film industry.

He probably has a plan; a plan we can't wait to follow come June 23, 2017, when "10 Days in Sun City" opens in cinemas.