After hearing so much of the phrase ‘Based on Logistics’ either from your friends, colleagues or even social media – one would begin to wonder if the person really knows the meaning of the word ‘Logistic’.

Well, in case you’re in doubt, Logistic means ‘the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation’.


But not while the latest winner of Big Brother Naija show, Efe created the catch phrase while he was in the house and turning it into his play word.

After the housemate was announced winner of the show tonight, ‘Based on Logistics’ immediately became a trending topic on Twitter and Nigerians have used it to match whatever it the is they’re trying to say.

For instance

Check out some more of the best reactions to the latest slang ‘Based on Logistics’.

We trust Alaba boys to turn ‘Based on Logostics’ into t-shirts by the break of dawn

So Based on Logistics, I’m actually starting mine today.

Olamide ain’t gon’ charge a thing on this

The adverts though. Lol!

After all, it’s Based on Logistics

Even Ice Prince joined the trend.