Nigerian singer, Flavour, recently shared a photo of both his baby girls sharing an adorable kiss.

While most people appreciated the love being shown by both girls who happen to have different mothers, some people are worried about the way they chose to show their affection for each other.

Flavour's daughters, Sophia and Gabriella can be seen sharing a peck on the lips as they rock matching jerseys.

Flavour's children share a kiss and Nigerian internet is upset

Another photo showed Flavour hanging out and enjoying his time with his two beautiful daughters.

The proud daddy spends quality time with his daughters

One commenter had this to say of the photo, "If two blood-related people or people who are not romantically bonded are to kiss, it should not be mouth to mouth but mouth to either of the sides or side to side, now I don't understand what these kids are doing now."

This sentiment was not shared by all as another was quoted as saying, "Please these are just innocent kids expressing love their own way - it's innocuous so I don't understand the negative reactions."

Whose side are you on?

In the video below, Flavour can be spotted with his daughter at an airport.